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Challenge X

Revolutionizing The Job Hiring Process


Case studies focused on

product strategy, UX, and design


UX Design

UI/Visual Design



Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator

The Problem

Since the 1500s, resumes have been the prime way to apply for jobs and recruit applicants. Even so, research shows that this long-time way of job searching can be ineffective, expensive and time consuming.

The Job Recruiter:

Employers end up hiring applicants who are less qualified than expected based on their resumes (and miss out on applicants who may have more potential than what is written on their resumes.)

Employers end up spending time and resources on training and bad hires 

In order to remain as efficient as possible with so many resumes being run through companies, many companies use ATS which filters through resumes based on key words. Recruiters/Employers miss out on applicants who may have a lot of potential, because they didn’t have key-words in their resumes.

“In 2015 alone, 80% of employee turnover was due to bad hires” (Yager)

“63% failure to produce the proper quality work” (WePow)

“619 thousand new resumes a month in the U.S. alone; up to 1 million new resumes a month worldwide.” (Monster)

“60% of all companies have some type of ATS (Application Tracking Systems.” (Bersin)

The Job Seeker:

Applicants who have a lot of potential missed opportunities not because of a lack of talent/hard work but because of what is written on their resumes

Applicants cannot be accurately portrayed with one piece of paper


There is a limited way for an applicant to get started to increase experience/networking. Catch 22: You need a job to get experience, but experience to get a job.

The Solution

Challenge X is a platform that focuses on discovering ability and talent by allowing job recruiters to post challenges directly related to their open positions.


The terms of the challenges are completely up to the company posting them, including: timeline, requirements, and awards; and the winners of the challenges will always receive either an interview, internship, or position.

Applicants that do not get called back by recruiters keep the work they do for their challenges in their Challenge X profile as intellectual property.

A leader board will be provided for each field to showcase highest scores of challenges - this creates potential for those job seekers who did not get a call back from a particular company, to be sought out later by other companies/recruiters/scouts; this also allows job seekers to build a resume of challenges for future reference.

This is a practical idea because it has a natural screening process. As the process requires time, effort, and dedication, it will naturally filter out the noise, leaving behind only the serious and talented candidates.

Challenge X addresses the primary issues, for both the job recruiter and the applicant. It saves companies money in the long run by investing into the right candidates, and it allows qualified applicants to progress in their career based on their talent, not pedigree.

This solution focuses on ability, it is more efficient, and it eliminates the possibility of bad hires.

Bersin, Josh. “Are Applicant Tracking Systems Now a Commodity?” Bersin by Deloitte, 7 Sept. 2016,

“Labor Statistics & Trends.”,

“The Cost of a Bad Hire.” Wepow,

Yager, Fred. “The Cost of Bad Hiring Decisions Runs High.” Dice Insights, Dice, 5 Jan. 2012,

Showcasing The Most Innovative Research & Ideas


Visual Design




Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

California State University, Northridge had its very first TED Talk event: Breaking Barriers. The event showcased the most innovative research and ideas which are breaking interdisciplinary, social, communication, and medical barriers in a variety of fields.

The name "Breaking Barriers" was an inspired choice of words, intending to empower students to break their own barriers and be successful in life's challenges. To that end, the TEDx event was organized and carried out by a small but driven group of students working together to prove that students are reliable, motivated and have the ability to rise to the oacassion.  

I created the brand and collateral for the event including print material such as posters, banners, and t-shirts, as well as digital marketing materials like the promotional website and digital banners.


Skillshop with Google

(Academy For Ads)

Get Google

Product Certified


UI/Visual Design

Web Design


Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Skillshop with Google is a free online training resource that helps people develop skills in Google workplace tools.


Our team collaborated with the Academy for Ads team in relaunching Skillshop by designing the initial landing page experience. We delved into Google’s design and grid system to ensure all components and elements were up to par with Google’s standards.



Celebrating Everyday

Moments at SXM

Reviewing The Wireframes


UI/Visual Design

UX Design

Web Design


Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

The SXM team had a general idea of what they wanted the site to look like but wanted us to provide feedback for changes that could improve the overall user experience and visual design.

Creating The Content Hub

SiriusXM (SXM) is a broadcasting company that provides satellite and online radio services for music, sports, and entertainment. SXM was looking for a means to display their “Dial Up The Moment” (DUTM) campaign which featured some of their most significant and entertaining moments on air.

After reviewing and collaborating with the SXM team, our team moved forward with designing both the USA and the Canada websites.


The fully responsive and interactive sites included a strong call to action for their sweepstakes and a mosaic of dynamic content including the customized videos and live social posts.

NOTE: DUTM sweepstakes is no longer available

Creating Customized Videos

Along with the website, our team worked with SXM to organize and design customized video clips and social videos.


CBS x Fandom

The Life And Times

Of Jean-Luc Picard


UI/Visual Design

Web Design

UX Design


Adobe XD

The Contents

CBS released a new sequel series, Star Trek: Picard, which revolves around Jean-Luc Picard played by Sir Patrick Stewart.


The CBS x FANDOM partnership was looking to re-design and develop an interactive landing page showcasing the life and times of the renowned Jean-Luc Picard as a means of promoting the new series.

The landing pages contain a fully responsive timeline that is accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


The Abducted Cow

Illustrations For All

Those Artsy-Fartsies


Web Design

Visual Design

Logo Design




Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

An online store selling hand-illustrated, high-quality digital reproduction prints of monsters and emotions for all you artsy-fartsy people out there. 

No cows were harmed in the making of this store. 

Colors & Typography

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 6.55.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 6.55.55 PM.png
Fanta Logo.png

Fanta x Fandom

Grab A Thing On The

Way To The Thing


UI/Visual Design

UX Design

Web Design


Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

The Fanta x Fandom partnership had the unique idea of creating an interactive microsite that would house a digital mosaic containing art pieces aligning with four Fanta flavor stories. 


Within the microsite, fans all over the world would get the opportunity to participate by creating their own personalized tile art that would contribute to the overall mosaic and experience.

Creating The User Flow

We collaborated with both the Fandom and Fanta team as well as our in-house development team to come up with a user flow that would fit the needs of Fanta’s idea, fit our dev team’s timeline, and allow for a simple and fun user experience.

Creating The Wireframes

After finalizing the user flow, we quickly jumped onto designing the wireframes for this microsite.

Creating The Microsite

We wanted this microsite to focus on and celebrate Fanta’s brand as well as pop-culture that embody the four Fanta flavors as seen in the mosaic.


Firstly, we designed the general pages to be orange heavy, as it is Fanta’s main and original color/drink. Then we decided to design each “customizable tile” journey according to the flavor the user chooses.

Creating Email Banner Assets

Along with the microsite design and development, our team also worked on designing email banner assets for social marketing purposes.

Trap Yoga Bae

Trap Music and Yoga Combined To Help People Express Themselves Freely

Practice developed by Brittney Floyd Mayo a.k.a. Trap Yoga Bae


UX Design

UI/Visual Design



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Creating a Trap Yoga experience in your own home

Introducing the practices of Yoga in a new light, Yoga Bae takes the user through the classes and challenges of Trap Yoga that are specifically developed by her with the experiences of her pop-up studio classes.


Users can be experts or brand new to Trap Yoga, as long as they express themselves, love themselves, and support each other as a community. Like her studio Trap Yoga classes, Yoga Bae turns up the “ratchetness” in her app.

With a high-level understanding of the product and client, we worked with a team of experienced iOS developers to create Yoga Bae's app. We started by gathering all the information necessary to convey the client's vision including requirements, user flows, wireframes, and brand guidelines.

Montserrat Bold




It was important to us that the first version of the product be something that is functional, usable, visually appealing, and also be able to meet realistic deadlines the client had. After going through a few iterations of the design, we worked together to create a product that reflects Yoga Bae's colorful personality and attitude.

Montserrat Medium




Montserrat Regular





Our purpose is to serve the PC gaming community.
We are relentless in making the experience achievable and seamless for everyone.

Design Principles

  • Blank Canvas

  • Start Light

  • Pure Silhouette

  • Celebrate Negative Space

  • Purposeful Pattern

  • Hidden Gems

Core Values

  • Every Voice Matters

  • Give A Sh*t

  • Do What You Say

  • Keep It Simple

  • Build Scalable Systems

  • Commit to Quality

  • Win Together

  • Learn and Grow

Goal User Experience

  • Systemic Harmony

  • Empowerment

  • Intuitive Design


Passionate & Authentic

Humble & Transparent




NZXT Software


Creating a unified design system that is implemented across NZXT e-commerce and software products.

Project 1_.png

Designing for privacy across Meta family of apps


Reimagining the fill NZXT e-commerce experience

Project 3_.png

Creating a unified design system across NZXT digital products

Project 4_.png

Redesigning the MSF UK site

and component library

Project 5_.png

Creating an open source design system for Yahoo internal cloud services

Meta Privacy work

Designing for privacy across

Meta family of apps

NZXT Design System work

Creating a unified design system across NZXT products

brand visual digital work

Projects focused on

brand, visual, and digital design

NZXT e-commerce work

Reimagining the full NZXT

e-commerce experience

Doctors Without Borders work

Redesigning the MSF UK site and component library

yahoo cloud services work

Creating an open source design system for Yahoo internal teams

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