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SiriusXM (SXM) is a broadcasting company that provides satellite and online radio services for music, sports, and entertainment. SXM was looking for a means to display their “Dial Up The Moment” (DUTM) campaign which featured some of their most significant and entertaining moments on air.

NOTE: DUTM sweepstakes is no longer available


Reviewing The Wireframes

The SXM team had a general idea of what they wanted the site to look like but wanted us to provide feedback for changes that could improve the overall user experience and visual design.


Creating The Content Hub

After reviewing and collaborating with the SXM team, our team moved forward with designing both the USA and the Canada websites.


The fully responsive and interactive sites included a strong call to action for their sweepstakes and a mosaic of dynamic content including the customized videos and live social posts.

1280 SXM-landing – 1@2x.png
1280 SXM-landing – 4@2x.png
375 SXM-landing – 1@2x.png
375 SXM-landing – 1@2x.png

NOTE: DUTM sweepstakes is no longer available

Creating Customized Videos

Along with the website, our team worked with SXM to organize and design customized video clips and social videos.