Trap Yoga Bae

Trap Music and Yoga Combined To Help People Express Themselves Freely

Practice developed by Brittney Floyd Mayo a.k.a. Trap Yoga Bae


UX Design

UI/Visual Design



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Creating a Trap Yoga experience in your own home

Introducing the practices of Yoga in a new light, Yoga Bae takes the user through the classes and challenges of Trap Yoga that are specifically developed by her with the experiences of her pop-up studio classes.


Users can be experts or brand new to Trap Yoga, as long as they express themselves, love themselves, and support each other as a community. Like her studio Trap Yoga classes, Yoga Bae turns up the “ratchetness” in her app.

With a high-level understanding of the product and client, we worked with a team of experienced iOS developers to create Yoga Bae's app. We started by gathering all the information necessary to convey the client's vision including requirements, user flows, wireframes, and brand guidelines.

Brand Color:

HEXCODE:   #035096

RGB:             3, 80, 150

CMYK:          100, 76, 11, 1


Montserrat Bold




Montserrat Medium




Montserrat Regular




It was important to us that the first version of the product be something that is functional, usable, visually appealing, and also be able to meet realistic deadlines the client had. After going through a few iterations of the design, we worked together to create a product that reflects Yoga Bae's colorful personality and attitude.