Hi, I'm Sheryl Ee. I'm an LA based Product Designer with experience in e-commerce, software, agencies, and design systems.

I am currently a Sr. Interactive Designer at NZXT where I've had the pleasure of working on the DTC and Software teams- focused on creating seamless experiences for our users, as well as on the Ops team- focused on building a unified design system to span across all our products.

Some of my past experiences include work for Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Google, Fanta, SiriusXM, CBS, and Yahoo.


Where I'm from

I grew up in Southeast Asia and came to CA to pursue my passion in art and design. I loved LA so much, I decided to stay!


I got my BA in Graphic Design, and a couple years later decided to get my MA in Human Computer Interaction.

Outside of Work

I am an illustrator (or something) by night. I write songs sometimes but I'm pretty sure my writing abilities are stuck in the 2000s.

Fun Fact

My favorite game is League of Legends but I only play ARAMs because I'm bad (':

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