Hello! I'm

Sheryl Ee

in sunny LA ☻

I am a Visual and Product Designer and my biggest passion is creating meaningful and impactful experiences through design. I was born and raised in Malaysia and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my passion in art and design. I have a BA in Graphic Design, an MA in Human Computer Interaction, and my experience includes:

Visual and Graphic Design

UI/UX Design


Web Responsive Design


Ads and Social Media


Print and Branding



I have been fortunate enough to experience designing for a variety of companies and brands including Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Google, Fanta, SiriusXM, CBS, Nike, Netflix, and Yahoo.


1. My initials spell out S E E.

2. I like tattoos.

3. I LOVE dogs.

4. I illustrate on the side. 

5. I sing and play guitar.


P.S. Some of the work on my portfolio is private, please contact me for access (: