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Duolingo Challenge

Features For Users Success


UX Design

UI Design


Feature Ideation


Invision Studio



Designing a feature(s) for Duolingo to help new and current users be more successful in learning a new language.

User Journey Considerations:

Assume user knows the language they want to learn

Assume user does not know what language they want to learn

Assume new user is mentally and cognitively an adult

Assume user is serious about learning a new language
(consistently on the app)

Assume time and resources are not limited

Current Features

In order to understand where there are opportunities to improve/add features, it was important to first start by observing the current user journey within the app as well as what features the app already has.

Daily Goals
Encouragement and Positive Reinforcement
Variety of exercises (visual, audible, text)
Gamification (xp, crowns, achievements, shop)
New word definitions
Multiple language options
Clubs (community involvement)
Ability to invite friends
Offline mode
Payments not necessary

Current Features:


Research On Learning

To start coming up with new ideas and concepts, I did some research on the differences between learning languages as a child and as an adult.

Although there are advantages to having started learning a second or other language at a young age, it is not impossible by any means to learn as an adult. There are many steps adults can take to pick up a new language quickly and successfully.

Methods of Learning:

Real-life application
Using a language in real situations

Fluency vs. Accuracy
Learning to communicate fluently rather than being 100% precise

Style of Learning
Know how you learn best (audio, visual etc)

Consistency and Repitition

Celebrate Mistakes
Not fearing making mistakes and inaccuracies

Language challenges and tasks to complete as well as reward system

Group / Friend Involvement

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 12.59.34

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